Daybreaker Miami Launches at Art Basel 2015

Daybreaker Miami Launches at Art Basel 2015

By Samantha Dockser

Anyone who visited Miami’s Art Basel 2015 knows that rain made the weekend wet and messy. But partying at Daybreaker Miami Launch Party at 1 Hotel on South Beach was well worth fighting the extra traffic. What is Daybreaker you ask? Well in short, it is a morning dance party that is sweeping the globe. In spite of pouring rain, my friend Gabby and I arrived bright and early to 1 Hotel. As we entered the lobby we were greeted by complimentary cups of freshly squeezed Florida orange juice– a delicious and healthy way to start the day that set the tone for the morning to come.

Plush lobby of 1 Hotel South Beach

If you have never been to 1 Hotel, you are missing out. It is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful hotels I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. With white plush carpets, extravagant pillows, and wood floors and ceilings, I felt as though I were in the most luxurious beachside treehouse. And the hotel’s guests were as good looking and well attired as the lobby itself. As we waited for Daybreaker’s V Art of Wellness yoga session to begin, we snacked on delicious 1 Hotel Chocolate Chunk Cookies. The warm and melty cookies combined with the ridiculously comfortable couches made us feel like at 9:30am it was time for a nap. But as soon as we set foot in the warehouse-like Daybreaker Miami party space, we were revitalized.

A healthy breakfast

Entering the enormous space for Daybreaker Miami, we found rows of yoga mats and towels, as well as eager and athletic party goers, ready to get their mornings started. The walls of the room were lined with fresh and healthy food and drink options, ranging from WTR MLN WTR to Just Water to organic yogurt bowls to full coconuts ready to be consumed. In the back corner, there was even a massage table. That was something I never expected to see. There were selfie machines around the room, which took a series of photos that were then displayed on the large back wall. It was as though we ourselves were all art and part of Art Basel.

setting up for yoga

The photo might be dark, but this was the intense yet relaxing vibe created just before V Art of Wellness lead us through an invigorating yoga class.

Lead by Tracie Wright Vlaun, co-founder of V Art of Wellness, the invigorating yoga session focussed on a challenging Sun Salutation and woke me up immediately. And the intense stretches got me ready to dance. As we finished the mini class and bowed our heads together in appreciation, the room was filled with a thumping bass. We were immediately transported from an oasis of calm and serenity to a rocking South Beach club. Captivated by the tunes picked by Goldcap, people began to fill in from the street. The yoga mats were set to the side, and the dance floor filled up. Cameras were discouraged on the dance floor as they prevent you from fully being present. Daybreaker dancers lead enthusiastic mobs of people in movement throughout the room. By the time Patrick and the Swayzees began to play, the Daybreaker Miami party was in full swing. To see some footage of Goldcap and a Daybreaker dancer, check this out: 


It was so refreshing to be surrounded by people who were dancing and talking as fully present and open humans. No one was under the influence of alcohol or hard drugs, like at most South Beach parties. No one was focussed on texting or calling or posting. People were present and making connections with one another. And I am so grateful I could start of my Friday with such positive vibes at Daybreaker Miami.


For more photos from Daybreaker Miami at Art Basel, look below!

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