The Curious Creamery – Every Season is Ice Cream Season!

The Curious Creamery – Every Season is Ice Cream Season!

Written and Photos by Jessica Lewandowski

You’re a fool if you think ice cream is only for summer! Although our warm weather isn’t over yet, there are tons of amazing ice cream flavors that taste delicious, whether it’s hot or cold outside. That’s why I was so excited when The Curious Creamery sent me practically every flavor of ice cream mix they have. The creative juices started flowing in my brain, and now I may or may not have way too many containers of ice cream in my freezer. Don’t judge me.

The Curious Creamery offers four flavors of ice cream mixes, five flavors of ice cream cake mixes, and (my personal favorite) five flavors of boozy ice cream mixes! Every package has super simple direction to follow; and, I promise, the mixes are easy enough to make that a child could do them.

For the regular ice cream mix, I chose The Curious Creamery’s unflavored mix, so I could do whatever I wanted with it. After following the directions, I mixed in a couple drops of vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon. Then, I chopped up about one third of an 8-inch apple pie, and I folded the pieces in to my ice cream. Oh, yummy! My Apple Pie Ice Cream tastes great while chillaxin’ on the beach or after a heavy Thanksgiving dinner.

Curious Creamery apple pie

For the ice cream cake mix, I chose the Espresso flavor. I followed the directions exactly as they were, and I set the cake in a springform pan. After the ice cream set, a quick drizzle of chocolate syrup was all it needed to enhance that crowd-pleasing coffee flavor.

Curious Creamery Espresso

Finally, I made the Irish Mudslide ice cream – my favorite flavor of the bunch. The directions called for one ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream, so in went the alcohol! The result tasted exactly like my favorite boozy milkshake.

Curious Creamery Irish Mudslide

The Curious Creamery ice cream mixes are really versatile, so you can always make small changes within the directions to add a pop of extra flavor. You can even make their individual Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry flavors and layer them for a Neapolitan ice cream cake! I really suggest checking out Pinterest or Instagram for exotic flavor combinations. The possibilities are endless!

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