Continental Miami Brunch Review

Continental Miami Brunch Review

Continental Miami - patio - courtesy of Continental Miami

Continental Miami, with its Kool Aid-colored 70’s décor that spills out onto their expansive patio, is a relaxing spot to meet for brunch.  Above all else, Continental Miami, has a great kitschy-kewl vibe that makes it fun to enjoy their Tiki-inspired Cocktails.

Continental Miami - interior - courtesy of Continental Miami

So, together with Hedonist Shedonist’s Chief Foodie, Ari Kane, we did just that. Ari was dazzled by the tall and brilliantly purple Dragonfruit MuleVodka, Dragonfruit Puree, Fresh Lime and Fever Tree Ginger Beer. I went for the light and refreshing Dominicana Old Fashioned. Its Cinnamon infused-Coconut Water delicately flavored my Old Fashioned, but, then, had quite a potent kick from the Private Cask Dominican Rum.

Continental Miami - Dominicana Old Fashioned

We soon traveled through Continental Miami’s brunch menu loaded with shareable items. We both recommend the Cinna-Monkey Bread –warm, knotted cinnamon bread covered in a sugar powder glaze, and served with a side of dunk-able cream cheese frosting. Found under the ‘Morning’ selections, this amazing pastry is good before, during and after brunch.

Continental Miami - Cinna-Monkey Bread

We did find favorites from Continental Miami’s ‘Afternoon’ items. Cheesesteak Eggrollsopen-faced wraps of shredded Steak with Cherry Peppers and American Cheese. Ari was delighted by the velvety melted cheese, while I enjoyed drowning my bites with the house-made Sriracha Ketchup served in a generously-sized bowl on the side. By far our favorite dis of the day. You might have an issue sharing this prize.

Continental Miami - Cheesesteak Eggroll

Ari and I savored the Lobster Mac & Cheese served hot in its own cast iron skillet, with chunks of sweet Maine Lobster and tender Pasta Shells baked with a creamy Cheese Sauce, topped with Toasted Breadcrumbs and Green Chives. The crunchy crumbs added a wonderful layer of texture to this creamy bowl of goodness.

Continental Miami - Lobster Mac and Cheese

We also tried the huge Vietnamese Summer Rolls –filled with Shrimp, Imitation Crab Sticks, and Rice Noodles, which were set off with a delicious sweet and spicy Peanut Sauce. Order an extra side of this magic sauce.

Continental Miami - Vietnamese Summer Roll

Continental Miami is located at 2360 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33139. Brunch is served on Saturday & Sunday, from 10 am to 3 pm. For more information, visit:

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