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Concierge Miami – Where Lavish Parties Live

Concierge Miami is the ultimate fantasy trip for affluent people that want to party in Miami like Royals. We will construct the ultimate dream trip for you full of gorgeous & fun models, bottles at the best clubs, dining at the most exquisite restaurants, yacht parties and anything else your heart desires. The Concierge Miami video below is a mere glance at what awaits you…

Our Host Jeane Marie is a super fun, Amazon Jasmine (6 feet) that is an expert at planning & devouring the intense pleasures of Miami. She is hilarious, bisexual who speaks Portuguese, Arabic and English. She is always the life of the party and loves to create outlandish, debaucherous and memorable experiences for her select clientele.

Are you in Miami and want to have the experience of a lifetime? Concierge Miami will take care of everything you need and treat you like a God. We have beautiful and engaging people to dine and attend Miami & South Beach parties with. We know the absolute best clubs, parties, restaurants, spas, events, pool and model yacht parties to take you to. Jean Marie will show you how the upper echelon go out in Miami and South Beach. We also offer this service in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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