Coco Bambu Miami Beach- First Family Style Brazilian Restaurant

Coco Bambu Miami Beach- First Family Style Brazilian Restaurant

Coco Bambu is a newly opened Brazilian restaurant located in beautiful Miami Beach. Originally from Fortaleza Brazil, with five other restaurants located throughout the country, Coco Bambu finally broke ground in the United States with its flagship location off Alton Road. Even if you have never been to Brazil, dining in this cozy ambiance transports you right there, all the way from the enticing entrance to the uniquely decorated dining area.

Entrance to Coco Bambu

We started off with some of Coco Bambu’s signature drinks, the Frozen Caipi Coco, made with frozen coconut and Grey Goose vodka all poured into an actual coconut shell. This exclusive drink was so divine it will have you purring for more. Next, we sampled another of Coco Bambu’s signature cocktails the Ce Ara Punch. Its mixture includes Zignum Silver Mezcal, pineapple, blood orange, lemon & lime, orgeat, cloudy apple juice topped with a slice of pineapple. The smooth tasting Ce Ara Punch was just what was needed to truly top off the ambiance of the restaurant.

Coco Bambu Cocktail

Coco Bambu Cocktail

Coco Bambu is known to have an extensive menu so we dove right in, beginning with their appetizers. The Tofu & Vegetables grilled skewers with 7 vegetable Moroccan couscous was our first pick. Tenderly grilled to fall right off the skewer, the Tofu and Vegetables with the couscous soaked up our taste buds to perfections. Alongside the skewers, we ate the Cheese pastry made with coalho cheese and mozzarella. Melting in your mouth is exactly what this pastry does, with just the right about of butter and cheese. We highly recommend giving these appetizers a try.

Coco Bambu Skewers

Coco Bambu Cheese PAstry

For the entrées of the night, which by the way are shareable, we chose the Coco Bambu Lobster. There is lobster then there is Coco Bambu lobster which was created with lobster tails, creamy rice, basil, and mozzarella au gratin shoestring fries. The creamy supple lobster was so good we couldn’t put the fork down. Grab a partner and dig in on this dish!

Coco Bambu Shrimps

Another shareable entrée we dine on was the  Plantain Moqueca. Moqueca is traditionally a Brazilian fish stew, yet Coco Bambu has added their own twist to the stew with peppers, herbs, coconut milk, palm oil, white rice, cassava flour, and delicious plantains. This is a must try!

Coco Bambu Plantain Moqueqa

Every now and then you get a hankering for something sweet, well Coco Bambu has the sweetest of the sweets to hit the spot. The dessert we devoured was the Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. The name may sound ordinary, but the flavor was certainly not. After one spoonful the hot crisp outer-shell broke and out came liquid chocolate enough to put you in a diabetic coma. When eating at Coco Bambu this dessert is a definite must!

Molten Lava Dessert Coco Bambu


exploded dessert coco bambu

Coco Bambu feautures a lunch and dinner menu as well as Happy Hour from 6 pm-8pm Monday through Friday. You can’t miss their gorgeous entrance, definitely head in and enjoy the finest Brazilian culinary delights!


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