Club Space – The Best Club in Miami!

Club Space – Best Club in Miami

Everyone is always asking me where they should go clubbing in Miami. While Liv and Eleven get most of the spotlight I have another sterling recommendation for you. I have been clubbing in Miami for over 2 decades and currently by far Club Space is the Best Club in Miami. This venue just gets it! Club Space attracts talented DJs, puts on fun and entertaining shows and more importantly hosts real, open and friendly Miami residents! I know a club full of Friendly people in Miami is hard to believe, but it does exist at the best club in Miami!

I float around like a butterfly talking to everyone and hugging strangers. Most other clubs in Miami when you approach strangers with a huge smile they look at you like you are mad. Their expressions of disdain say: “Who the fuck are you? Why are you trying to talk to me!”. It is sad, but I am thankful the Universe stops me from wasting my time on decrepit souls.

At Club Space almost everybody is super friendly, nothing short of a miracle in Miami. You can approach, talk and dance with complete strangers and end up friends by the sun break. It is such a chill, open and friendly vibe that is virtually impossible to find in any other Miami club at this point, That is why it is the Best club in Miami and you MUST come check out Club Space.

Even the dancers and performers are super friendly and Space throws some wild and hilarious shows.


This Saturday July 8th they will be hosting Thomas Jack and tickets are less than $18! You can purchase tickets here.

Hailing from Bemboka, Australia, Thomas Jack is an emerging star with a sound and style like a perfect summer’s day: it’s warm, full of good vibes, and shamelessly appealing. His signature sound is a blend of many live instruments: saxophone, flutes, trumpets, violins, you name it; Thomas finds some unique and organic ways to incorporate the smorgasbord of sounds into his productions.

You can check out some of his work here:

On July 22 two of our favorite dirty birds, Justin Martin & J. Phlip will be there on one mind-bending Terrace! 

Justin and J.Phlip, with an impressive track record of demolishing dance floors near and abroad. We are absolutely certain that this night/morning will be no different. Witness the carnage. You can purchase tickets here! 

Here is a taste of Justin Martin:


Bob Freaking Moses is coming to Space to perform Live on August 5th!! Just saw them at Electric Forest and it was incredible!

Fusing house with genuine singing and songwriting talent, as well as a live aesthetic that comes through clear and cohesively..the talented Canadian duo have been making serious strides since their inception in 2012… we are truly excited to hear their live club set on our beautiful terrace. You can purchase tickets here. 

Oh you know the catchy AF song below:

If you want to get on the list or need VIP Bottle Service Call David Gordon (561) 239- 1200


See you soon Space Cadets!

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