City Cellar West Palm Beach Review – Modern Italian with a Twist

City Cellar West Palm Beach Review


CityPlace in West Palm Beach is a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. It came as no surprise when I arrived on a Saturday evening that the center was fit to burst. My destination, City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill, also known as City Cellar West Palm Beach was full and lively upon arrival.

We were greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable manager Iggy, who runs the classy – and bustling – restaurant efficiently. City Cellar West Palm Beach is known for being a wine bar, and the massive wine vault behind the bar does that title justice. Our server, Julia, was courteous enough to help us navigate through the extensive wine list with some tips. We settled on the 2012 Honig Cabernet Sauvignon, which was an excellent choice.

City Cellar Wine Vault

Honig 2012

We started with the Mediterranean Hummus & Flatbread appetizer, which came with a caponata and olive spread, and some pickled veggies that hit the spot. We also ordered the Pine Nut Crusted Warm Goat Cheese salad: goat cheese served over a bed of greens with a light vinaigrette. This dish is something that could easily sneak its way into my daily life with zero complaints. It was light, flavorful and just the right size. While the dinner menu itself has more than enough options, the daily specials menu was almost as extensive: small plates, dinners, wine and cocktail specials.

 City Cellar Mediterranean Hummus and Flatbread

City Cellar Pine Nut Encrusted Goat Cheese

My guest was pretty torn between a few different options, and Julia helped her narrow it down. She ended up going with the Grilled 9oz Allen Brothers Filet Mignon. Served in a red wine sauce, with perfectly cooked asparagus and potato wedges, the steak was tender and melt-in-your-mouth. I was lucky enough to try a piece, and have honestly thought about it fairly often since.

Grilled 9oz. Allen Bros. Filet Mignon

As for myself, despite the many delicious sounding options on the menu, I had to go with the Housemade Braised Pork Ravioli special from the daily menu. Julia mentioned that the chef had worked on the ragu for something like 68 hours, and I just couldn’t pass that up. It was the correct decision, as the sauce was nothing short of perfection. The pork ravioli was a nice change from typical cheese-filled pastas.

City Cellar House Braised Pork Ravioli special

Post meal, we continued munching on the remaining hummus as we finished our bottle of Cabernet. Our attentive service lasted until we finally departed, already planning our next visit.
City Cellar West Palm Beach is a part of Big Time Restaurant Group, which claims multiple other South Florida hotspots including Big City Tavern and Rocco’s Tacos. Executive chef Kevin Darr has been with City Cellar for roughly 5 years, working his way up the ranks and clearly getting it right. I am eager to return to City Cellar West Palm Beach, as well as try some of the other Big Time locations that I have yet to visit.
City Cellar West Palm Beach

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