Byblos Miami Review – Saffron and Buttermilk Goodness

Byblos Miami Review

Upon entering Byblos Miami you are greeted with a warm inviting decor and Mediterranean wafts of buttermilk and saffron dance with and make sweet love in your nostrils.  Byblos Miami explores the bold flavors of the Med, blending ancient time-honored classic cooking techniques with modern methods to create truly inspiring plates. Executive Chef Stuart Cameron (Nao, Weslodge and Patria), has created cuisine that showcases the regionally-specific spices and flavors. He has crafted a menu that will truly be a coastal and cultural mosaic, served family style in a chill atmosphere.

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Definitely begin the Arabic journey with a refreshing Cucumber and Mint swizzle. Although I did not order the alcohol tea party, I have heard it is a must order.  After that you must order the Lamb Ribs! I do not care if you are the most hardcore vegan in the world, ORDER THESE CELESTIAL LAMB RIBS!  They are sous vide overnight and insanely tender & succulent. The ribs are elevated to the heavens with Dukkah + Buttermilk Sauce + Carob Molasses + Red Chili Schug and coated in sesame seeds. It be might be best rendition ever. Soft, sweet, spicy and savory creating a swirl of umami. You get 4 chops and you will not want to share!

Byblos Miami Mediterranean food

The Crispy Eggplant is also worth ordering. It is served with Tahini Aioli + Bayildi Sauce + Basturma and is like a unique Jenga sandwich with a crispy eggplant exterior, creamy aioli sauce on the interior and a brand new eggplant experience.

Byblos Miami Mediterranean food

The Sweet Jeweled Rice with Carrot + Saffron + Barberries + Almonds is a symphony of confection that made me do the happy dance! Pro tip is to eat it with the giant serving spoon to savor every iota of exquisite flavor. The enchanting saffron aftertaste just beckons you to keep shoveling it.

Byblos Miami Mediterranean food

Had a great time at Byblos Miami on a thoughtful, unique culinary journey through the Mediterranean. I hope you enjoy yours.  




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