Buddha Garden Introduces New Menu

Buddha Garden Introduces New Menu

I had the pleasant opportunity to dine at Delray hot spot Buddha Garden to try their new menu. The chic spot had tons of options, and did not disappoint.

Buddha Garden Sushi

I decided to start off with the Drunken Dragon – 44 North Sunny Slope, Nectarine Vodka, lemon, dragon fruit, port wine which was too sweet for my taste. Returning it, I opted instead for the Enchanted Garden – gluten-free Reyka vodka, fresh ginger, muddled basil, prickly pear puree, sparkling pomegranate soda. The latter drink proved to be the better choice as it was light, refreshing and not at all sweet.

Served community style, the culinary journey began. Starting off were creations from the Robata Grill. Here, we were served Sweet “Sweet” Corn, Jumbo Asparagus – Lemon Honey, Wild Mushrooms – Smoked Maldonado Salt, Japanese Eggplant – Miso, Chicken Thighs – Kalamansi, Korean Short Ribs – Khalbi, Crispy Duck Leg – Kecap Manis-Red Chili Vinaigrette and Crispy Octopus – Aji Panca. The corn was a different variation than I’m used to – smoky and cheesy, but most importantly, delicious. The asparagus was crunchy and lemony, while the eggplant managed to also have a smokey taste. The mushrooms had a lovely tangy finish. Tangy seemed to be the theme of the night, with both the chicken thighs and short ribs falling into that category. The duck and octopus were both crispy, with the bird having a soft inside and the sea creature possessing a charred taste. Concluding this portion was the calamari steak, which was tough but my preference over the fried variation. The aioli that came with it was spicy, but not overkill.

Buddha Garden grilled octopus

Next was Dim Sum – Chicken and Shrimp. Although not my favorite, I will say this: the shrimp was far superior than the chicken.

Sushi rolls served included the Handsome Rob – Yellowtail, Serano Pepper, Spicy Tuna, Tobin Jan, Crispy Shallots; Cherry Blossom – Robata Grilled Salmon Belly, Wasabi Aioli, Whipped Boursin Cheese, White Truffle Oil; and Buddha Fire Roll – Spicy Tuna, Volcano Mix, Crab, Shrimp, Avocado. The Handsome Rob was excellent and had a strong creamy avocado texture. Cherry Blossom was my favorite of the sushi as well as fish of the night. The Fire Roll was served literally on fire, providing a pleasant smoky taste. I would have even preferred more spice.

Last was the main course: Kung Pao Prawns and Cashews – Red Chilis, Scallions. Spicy, just how I like it! This was also a top dish of mine.

Buddha Garden is definitely worth a visit to try their new menu items. For their cocktails, perhaps go with a wine or beer instead.

Buddha Garden is located at 217 E Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach, FL. Visit buddhaskybardelraybeach.com.

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