BLT Steak Miami – A Modern Fusion of French and American Cuisine

BLT Steak Miami – A Modern Fusion of French and American Cuisine

There are your everyday garden-variety steakhouses that we are all familiar with having dined at, and then there is BLT Steak Miami Beach! We could not be more excited to go over our salacious meals with you. Located right in the heart of south beach between 16th St and Lincoln Rd at the newly renovated Iberostar hotel. To say the least, this upscale restaurant offered my taste-buds a night to remember; I came in hungry, and left incredibly satisfied!

The menu offered a great selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts that would make your mouth water, and the restaurant also has a blackboard menu where they feature specials that highlight seasonal flavors and local ingredients. Executive Chef Carlos Torres did an excellent job cultivating the menu for us this evening. Hailing from Bogota Colombia, Carlos has extensive culinary experience from starting out in renowned La Pipa in New York and moving on to win Miami New Times Iron Fork competition in 2011. He joined as a sous chef of BLT Steak in 2015 and since then has been producing foodgasms for lucky folks like ourselves! Out of all of their delicious options offered that night, here’s what blew my mind:

Steak Tartare Tacos

This appetizer was so perfectly seasoned and tasty that I didn’t want to share. Steak tartare can easily be botched, but the talented chef was able to balance the flavors of the black garlic in such a unique way that honestly blew my mind.

Steak Tartar BLT STEAK Miami


Crispy Red Snapper

I cannot even begin to find the words that describe how well cooked this red snapper was, and how well it went with the slaw-like side. Flavor was richly embedded into the crispy skin so flawlessly that my mouth is watering as I type this. I remember taking a bite into this entrée, and rolling my eyes to the back of my head, because seriously it was SO rich and tasty.

Crispy Red Snapper BLT STEAK Miami


BBQ Creamed Corn

This REMARKABLE twist to an American comfort food, was the side dish that had everyone at the table asking for more. Tangy, bold, and just all around perfectly flavored; I could literally eat this as an entrée if it were an option. No words can justify my love for this side dish; but I HIGHLY recommend that you let this corn bless your taste buds.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse

This decadent chocolate dessert was an explosion of rich flavors in my mouth. The creaminess of the mousse meshed perfectly with the chunky texture of the peanut butter. The presentation was beautiful with a light toule atop and a wedge of ice cream, it was almost a shame to eat it!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Dessert BLT STEAK

Be sure to check out their amazing menus! They feature a lunch and dinner menu with a variety of options to try!


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