Bianca At The Delano – Taste Of Summer Menu Review

Bianca at The Delano – Taste Of Summer Menu Review

I had the privilege of trying Bianca’s Taste of Summer Menu. Bianca Miami is one of those South Beach hotspots that makes you feel like a million bucks when you walk in the door. Surely, The Delano Hotel itself can accomplish this feat but I wanted to point out how Bianca can stand alone with its masterfully crafted Taste Of Summer Menu and luxurious signature cocktails. Read on to discover what I mean in my Bianca at The Delano – Taste Of Summer Menu Review

APPETIZERSBianca At Delano Warm Fruit Coppa Salad

The menu starts off with a Warm Fruit & Coppa Salad as an appetizer. This is a surprisingly delightful summer salad consisting of roasted stone fruit, coppa, pickled onion, fig vincotto and brown butter. Your other option is equally pleasing and is best suited for you seafood lovers. Remember, this is Italian fare so you’re going to get different aspects of the country on your plate, not just a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs (which is not very Italian btw). No, this appetizer is a bit more discerning than that. Octopus Insalata brings you perfectly cooked sliced octopus, fennel a delicious Meyer lemon and orange vinaigrette, roasted peppers, and mixed micro greens over a perfectly complimentary olive paste that will make you realize you have always loved squid, even if you didn’t know it.

ENTREESBianca At Delano Rack Of Lamb

It was tough to choose a favorite among all the main courses we tried. The Fennel Spiced Rack Of Lamb is cooked sous-vide and served with a nutty fregola sarda and sautéed Catalan spinach. The lamb is perfectly cooked and the tastes of fennel, tart cherry, anise, cardamom, and muscatel vinaigrette make for a beautiful experience for your palate. This was probably my favorite.

Bianca At Delano Pan Seared Market Catch

The Pan Seared Market Catch was another perfectly cooked dish. Served over coal fired succotash that uses Peruvian corn which gives it a meatier bite, in a tomato vinaigrette, this fish dish is sure to please. Definitely make this one a consideration for your date if not for yourself. If you’re more of a chicken person, you can try the Roasted Chicken offering.

Bianca At Delano Roasted Chicken

The Roasted Chicken is moist throughout. This is accomplished by waiting to remove the breast until after the whole chicken has been roasted. This also gives you the added flavor from the chicken bones. The polenta it is served with is creamy and the “salsa rosa” complements the slightly sweet and salty flavors of the charred skin of the chicken breast.

Note: Bianca offers a Chive & Spinach Pasta dish that looked amazing but yours truly is highly allergic to shellfish so you'll just have to take my word for it or try it for yourself when you go.


Bianca At Delano Zabaglione

For dessert you are treated to a  Grand Marnier Zabaglione w/Local Berries. Fresh local berries, mint, honey, rose petals and a delightful little Almond pound cake. A beautiful finish to a wonderful meal.


Bianca At Delano Provence

While you’re waiting for dinner, make sure to order a cocktail or two. They are just as masterfully crafted as their menu. I had the Provence (seen above) which is Absolute Elyx, lemon and a sprig of lavender to really help open up the pallet . . . and calm everything else in you. There are many more signature cocktails to be had to make sure you look through the cocktail menu at Bianca for the one that sounds best to you. Their wine list is not only as impressive, it is also carefully curated to bring you something that’s a bit different than in all of Miami.

The Delano Hotel is in itself an impressive experience. Bianca at The Delano does not disappoint. The luxuriously appointed restaurant, attentive and knowledgeable staff, incredible food and South Beach flair make for an evening to remember. Be sure to call ahead as the Taste Of Summer Menu may not be available every night of the week. The dinner menu described above is a no brainer at $49 per person with an optional additional $20 wine pairing which I highly recommend. Make it a point to head down to South Beach to give the Bianca at The Delano Taste Of Summer Menu a try.



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