Best Villas In Tuscany, Italy – Cozy To Luxury Getaways

Best Villas In Tuscany, Italy – Cozy To Luxury Getaways

Tuscany, like much of Italy, is steeped in history, culture and natural beauty. It is also one of the most visited regions in Italy year-round. You can find the best villas in tuscany at a reasonable price. It just requires a little research on where you want to go and at what time of year. If a villa is not what you are looking for, then there are plenty of other options for you to choose from, ranging from luxury resorts to more homely guesthouses and hostels.

You might ask what drives the large crowds to this stunning area year-round. This means we are going to briefly look at some of the factors which contribute to Tuscany’s glowing reputation and the best villas to match these characteristics.

best villas in tuscany

The History

Tuscany is steeped in history. This is true for almost all of Italy. It is regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance, with some areas such as Firenze being more important than others. You can be sure to find museums and monuments celebrating this fact.

Also, you can learn about one of the most influential and powerful families in Italy The Medici family were patrons of the arts, helped establish Tuscany as an economic hub, and had a huge impact on modern-day Italy. Their influence directly led to the beginning of the Renaissance.

Casa Oliveato

This is one of the best villas in Tuscany for a small family or group of friends as the three-story building sleeps four people. It is only 80kms from the Florence airport. Nestled in the Chianti Classico region of Tuscany, this former home of the Medici family is steeped in history. You can enjoy all the modern-day amenities on offer including a tennis court and swimming pool, all the while knowing this is truly a historic building.

Tuscany’s Culture

Because of the strong influence of Tuscany on Italy and the wider world, you will find that the locals are immensely proud of their heritage with many being able to trace their family tree back generations.

Already celebrated through the arts, the influence of Tuscany also extends into the language of modern day Italy. The modern Italian language can be traced to Tuscany, as it had a major influence on literature during the Renaissance. Some even say it is the purest form of the language.


Gelino should give you all the solitude you need with the opportunity to interact and get to know the locals far better than many other Villas. This villa is located in central Tuscany. With only two beds, this is one of the best villas in Tuscany for those wanting to experience truly living the Italian experience.

Astria is a 2km walk away in some of the most beautiful landscapes offered in Tuscany. Additionally, enjoy long evenings relaxing with a glass of wine and a book!

Regional Food of Tuscany

Food is extremely important in Tuscany. The cuisine here follows a style known as Cucina Povera or ‘poor cooking’. What was once due to necessity is now by choice. Cucina Povera uses local, fresh, cheap ingredients; creating the best taste with the least amount of material.

For this reason, you know each meal you have is local, even at the best villas in Tuscany. Many of the local Tuscan dishes are comprised of bread, cheeses, mushrooms, and truffles. All foods which can be grown or foraged locally.

Equally, soup is particularly popular. Ribollita, made from vegetables and bread, or Papa al Pomodoro, a tomato soup, being particular favourites. Also, ensure you ask the locals what is on offer or in season at the time.


Located just outside Siena city, this villa is an ideal starting point for exploring Tuscany and its cuisine. Its central location makes it one of the best villas in Tuscany for exploring the nearby villages. Since it only sleeps four, you will have a homelier experience which is a reprieve from some of the larger villas in the area.

Off The Beaten Path

Tuscany has some of the most scenic routes you can take. Discover the rolling hills, vineyards, and old stately homes now used for farming and storage. One of the most popular secluded villages and towns is Suvereto. Wine and oil almost exclusively make Suvereto’s economy.

Expect bustling markets and an endless flow of wine. For the history buffs, a visit to Montecarlo is in order. With intact fortified walls and old battlements to discover, this is a great day trip for those who haven’t had enough architecture.

Castello Leopoldo

More a castle than a villa, this stunning location can sleep up to 20 people and is on the grander scale of places you can stay in Tuscany. This charming and incredible location should be considered for the most special occasions. It is decorated and furnished in local Tuscan style,

You will find a swimming pool, jacuzzi, maid service, and everything else you can think of for a luxurious stay, making it one of the best villas in Tuscany. The Castello Leopoldo is in the small village of Suvereto and will give you all the peace and solitude which you deserve when in such a location.

This is just a taste of what Tuscany has to offer and should provide you with enough information as to why the region is so popular!

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