Best Sex Toys – LELO Lyla 2 Review

Best Sex Toys – LELO Lyla 2 Review

Is anything better than sex? The answer might be no, but that doesn’t mean that sex can’t be improved upon. I could literally pen a book about how to make those most intimate moments even more titillating and exciting, but while my masterpiece remains unwritten, let’s start with an easy move that anyone can incorporate into their repertoire: Incorporating some of the Best Sex Toys on the market into your amorous encounters. Sex toys are like truffles—they make everything better, and you’d be foolish to have just one. This time, I was lucky enough to have the makers of the LELO Lyla 2 gift me their fabulous new massager to pen a review on, and I have had a blast experimenting with it thus far…

I brought the pocket-sized toy out for a night on the town, to see if I could find anyone interested in “playing” with it. Figuring there was no better place to start than a strip club, I walked into Miami’s hottest establishment, feeling more empowered than ever by knowing I was in possession of a very special treat for both the strippers and any pedestrians (female strip club patrons) I happened upon. I could already tell that this remote controlled vibrating massager was going to get me into some wonderfully salacious trouble.

I am a hugger, so I started off with the device stored in my pocket on vibrate. As I embraced the ladies I met, I saw their eyes widen in excitement and curiosity after feeling the intense vibrations emanating from Lyla—the look of provocative wonder on their faces was priceless. When they asked what was causing the intriguing sensation, I replied it was a very special toy, before whipping it out (the Lyla, that is) to show them.


One of the most exceptional elements of Lyla 2 is the separate controller that changes the motions of the massager with a flick of the wrist. Using fascinating and fun SenseMotion Technology, the remote adjusts the vibrator’s intensity based on the the position in which it is held. When the controller is laid flat, the massager is at its weakest level. By slowly moving the remote into a vertical position, the vibrator’s movements increase in intensity and power. The effect of manipulating the toy with just a turn of my hand was simply outstanding. The only other time my fingers have such power over a female friend’s pleasure is when they’re getting up close and personal with some g-spot stimulation.

I sat down at the strip club’s stage, where I met a very special woman who was also enjoying the show. She was bubbly, full of laughter, and making it rain Washingtons on our lovely entertainers. After we’d bonded for a bit, I decided to introduce Lyla into our conversation. My new friend was shocked, intrigued, and, thankfully, a very good sport who was game to play along. After I explained what it was, she immediately grabbed the toy from me and put it between her legs, over her jeans. Lyla seemed to do her job exceptionally well, as my new friend’s eyes instantly filled with naughty pleasure and aroused bliss.

Always willing to help out an acquaintance, I slowly began adjusting the speed of the vibrator, tilting it upwards to increase the intensity. The lovely lady grabbed my shoulders, sinking her nails in for support. I kept rotating the remote back and forth, conducting a symphony of varied sensations to my companion’s surprised delight. All of this transpired while the stripper was putting on an magnificent show. Less than two minutes after my friend and I had started playing our game, the dancer climbed to the apex of the pole (over twelve feet in the air) and swiftly slid down, landing with a split and inducing a literal explosion of bliss in my new best friend. She could not stop thanking me, loving how she came in public while drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette and watching a ssexy stripper work that pole. 

While my official research thus far has been limited, the Lyla 2 is hand’s down the winner of the Best Sex Toy I’ve had the joy of sampling. It is unique, fun, and easy to use both in private quarters and for some voyeuristic fun out on the town. It’s perfect for spicing up sex lives, experimenting with new friends, or creating an extra special night out at a strip club, swinger club, or even a regular club. Picture it vibrating in your pocket as your beautiful partner moves against you on the dance floor. You’ll easily be the most popular man or lady there that night. Trust me, and let LELO show you what the Best Sex Toy on the market can do for your weekend fun.

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