Best Sauces and Condiments

Best Sauces and Condiments

If you clicked this article then you are probably a bit of a Sauceholic like me. Sauces make or break dishes. A superb sauce balances diverse flavors, helps ingredients shine and alleviates dryness. Here are Six of the Best Sauces and condiments that you have probably never tried and are definitely beer funnel worthy.

1) Peter Luger’s Old Fashioned Sauce

Peter Luger Steak House is a freaking New York institution. This iconic Brooklyn fixture still grills some of the best steak in the entire country. Peter Luger is a MUST if you ever visit New York. Try to go for lunch to skip the crowd and order a sublime burger with your steak.

The scrumptious mix between cocktail and steak sauce is available in groceries around the country. The vinegar, horseradish, molasses, anchovies, and tamarind. mix is so deliriously tasty that I literally drink it straight from the bottle.


2) Great Value Southwest Spicy Mustard

Great Value Southwest Spicy Mustard is one of the best f**kin mustards ever! Bitch and complain all you want about Walmart, but they pay higher wages than Target and make this marvelous mustard.

Great Value is the Walmart-made line of products. This slightly spicy mustard blend’s ingredient list of sugar, vinegar, mustard seed, red and green peppers, paprika, and turmeric does not sound like anything special, but one taste is all it takes. It will seduce and make sweet and spicy Barry Love with your mouth. I added it to tunafish and mayo once and can’t eat tuna without it anymore.


3) Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing

Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing is a naughty girl. This best sauces base is an intriguing twist on tahini dressing with apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, and lemon juice, among others. She can turn any tasteless salad into a creamy bowl of addiction. This celestial Goddess will enhance everything you douse her on.


4) Mr. Yoshida’s Marinade

Mr. Yoshida’s Marinade is a versatile, sweet-and-savory sauce that can be used for all types of cooking. Making chicken with this sauce is so freaking good. It is like an amped up version of a sweet soy sauce but the mirin and garlic balance it out. Your chicken is begging for some Yoshida magic best sauces.


5) Mike’s Hot Honey

Honey is sweet, healthy, and immensely underutilized. Mike’s Hot Honey adds a solid kick with chilies and vinegar to its Brooklyn honey. It will work exquisitely on ribs and chicken wings. It also works majestically on pizza. I know spicy honey on pizza sounds absurd, but try it and you will always crave it.


6) Hellman’s Creamy Balsamic Mayonnaise

Mayo is always a nice way to upgrade and saturate a sandwich, but it can be mundane. Enter the ubiquitous Hellman’s to zest up pedestrian mayo with a great balsamic vinegar flavor. It has the same creamy taste as mayonnaise but with a soothing balsamic layer.


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