Best Restaurant in South Beach – Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Best Restaurant in South Beach – Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Looking for the best restaurant in South Beach? Yardbird will make you swoon! Upon walking into Yardbird, you immediately feel transported to a cozy and rustic cottage deep in the foothills of the South. The mouth-watering smell of smoked BBQ greets you at the door along with the cheerful hostess as you take in the rooster themed grid iron décor and the fresh flowers in Mason jar place settings on the tables. You just know you’re in for in an authentic treat! Executive Chef Elliot Gonzalez has curated a phenomenal menu that offers a variety of down home comfort foods that are served exquisitely well. Yardbird touts itself as “a house of worship to farm-fresh ingredients, classic Southern cooking, culture and hospitality” and judging from the volume of people (they are always jam packed, especially for weekend Brunch!) and our own dining experience, we here at Hedonist Shedonist could not agree more!

best restaurant in south beach

Once seated, our fantastic server Nohelia (you must ask for her! Top-notch service!) suggested two signature cocktails to try, and our gastronomic journey into deliciousness begins. We tried the Southern Revival which is a Jim Beam bourbon based drink with sweet and sour, passionfruit juice, and basil. It was like sweet nectar of the Gods! It was a flavorful and tangy that left you with your lips a’ smackin! Up next was the Southern Peach- with a base of sweet tea, white peach puree, fresh lemon, thyme, Aperol, and Wild Turkey Bourbon. A great choice for those who are fans of sweet tea and peaches- two definite staples of the south.

After wetting our beaks with the yummy cocktails we moved onto the amazing appetizers. Hands down you must try the Fried Green tomatoes! They were incredible, I can’t wait to go back and try them again. They are made of house smoked pork belly (you can ask for them without), Pimiento cheese, smoky tomato jam, and lemon vinaigrette. All of these fresh and local ingredients blend together into just a perfect dish- perfectly fried and just the right amount of crispiness.

You can’t go to a renowned comfort food spot without getting some of their macaroni and cheese! Here’s a foodie hack! Get the macaroni and cheese and ask for maple syrup on the side. Just try it. You will not be disappointed! The sweetness of the maple syrup drizzled over the trotolle pasta, five artisan cheeses and crispy herb crust creates an epic explosion of deliciousness in your mouth. Your server may look at you crazy but your taste buds will be so happy with you. Trust us on this!

Keeping with all things Southern, we tried the Southern Caesar and how beautiful and savory this salad was! It came on a full lettuce leaf with grilled hearts of romaine, Tomine cheese from Winter Park, Florida, spicy anchovy bread crumbs, and chili-lemon vinaigrette. We couldn’t get over the gorgeous presentation and how flavorful the salad was!

Then came the Holy Grail of comfort foods, chicken and waffles with watermelon! Being a girl raised in the South- I have tasted my fair share of chicken and waffles. Yardbird’s version blew all others out of the water, into outer space, and beyond. The waffles were soft and fluffy with Vermont sharp cheddar cheese mixed in the dough, the chicken fried perfectly with just the right amount of breading, and the watermelon being that perfect side to wash everything down. The sauces that accompany this dish kick it up a notch as well with a honey hot sauce and a Bourbon maple syrup. You can’t leave here without having this entrée!

With our bellies about to explode and belts being loosened a bit, we managed to make room for biscuits and dessert. We consider ourselves here to be “biscuit purists”- our standards for biscuits are so high! Yardbird’s biscuits are smack yo momma’ good! They were delivered to us personally by Chef Gonzalez and we were beyond pleased. Just get the regular biscuits to truly indulge in the flavor and texture. All you need is the honey butter and your mouth. We were so full but devoured these as if we hadn’t eaten all day, that’s how absolutely delicious these were! Highly recommend!

Finally, when we thought we could handle no more, we got the coconut crème pie dessert. Oh my goodness. I’m drooling here writing about it again. I have no idea how we made room for it but I am so glad we did. This dessert was outstanding! It was the creamiest and most delectable pie I’ve EVER tasted with shaved coconut, vanilla bean ice cream, and graham cracker base topped with a coconut tuile. A fantastic end to what was definitely the most flavorful and scrumptious southern food I’ve ever had!

This restaurant blew us away and is easily the best restaurant in south beach. Yardbird is a winner from top to bottom, with their warm hospitality, impeccable service, and foodgasmic dishes you will leave here in a state of foodie bliss. Be sure to check them out!




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  1. The experience on Mother’s day was so amazing. I would highly recommend the restaurant to my family and friends. Kudos to the staff. They were professional and pleasant.

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