Benefits of Coconut Oil – Amazing Cooking, Health & Sex

Benefits of Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil Uses for Cooking, Health & Sex

By Jennifer Shanteau & Ari Kane

Typically I write about food, as in food that was prepared for me.  Occasionally, I write a recipe or two, but never have I been asked to write about a single ingredient all on its own.  However, if there was ever a solitary item to write about, it is the Benefits of Coconut Oil.  It’s hands down one of my favorite things ever.  I always have it in my pantry….always.  Why you ask?  Um…because its good for soooo many things, seriously more than you would ever imagine!  The benefits of coconut oil are not just for cooking, coconut oil uses also include beauty, health and sex!


Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Whenever the ends of my hair get dry, I rub a little coconut oil on them.  It’s great to use at home as a hair moisturizing treatment and/or a scalp treatment, quite economical too. For those who contend with the brutal winters and your fingers get so dry that they start to crack?  Coconut oil will soothe them. I highly recommend putting a little on your face every night before bed, as it helps your skin stay nourished and looking young.


Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

There are tons of proven instances and studies of coconut oil being very healthy for you. Oddly enough, just last night, I used it for two distinctly different purposes. Due to a flawed oven mitt, I burned my thumb to the point where it became bright pink and swollen.  Before going to Amazon to purchase brand new silicone oven mitts, I applied coconut oil to the burn, and this morning it’s barely pink, not swollen and the pain is mostly gone.

Also that evening, I noticed the area under the eye of my fifteen year old canine was a little swollen.  Not wanting to: A) find a vet open on a Sunday, B) subject my ancient Chihuahua to the trauma of going to said vet and C) not wanting to empty my bank account paying for the privilege, I decided to slip some coconut oil in her dinner, and revisit the issue in the morning.  Guess what?  It worked.  The swelling is gone.  I’m not a vet, but I call it like it is.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, an immune boosting substance also found in human breast milk.  It also possesses antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that kill bacteria and stave off infections.  It’s also proven to help lower cholesterol and promotes weight loss.  How do I know this?  I happen to be certified as a holistic health counselor.  Surprise!  Surprise!

Cooking Benefits of Coconut Oil

Oh yeah, I was so distracted by all the lesser known benefits, I forgot to mention its also great to cook with!  Olive oil is amazing, but when you heat it up it becomes carcinogenic (cancer causing). Coconut oil is by far a healthier option to cook with. It imparts a slight coconuty taste, so keep that in mind when considering your flavor profile. Unrefined coconut oil (the one you want) is best used for medium heat, so don’t go using your precious coconut oil for deep frying. Coconut oil also fills you so it can help with weight loss. I have friends who put a scoop in their coffee in the morning and are not hungry until well after 2:00.


Sex Benefits of Coconut Oil

Another often overlooked benefit is for the bedroom. Coconut oil is stupendous for massages and even better for lube. It is all natural without any of those pesky chemicals found in most other lubricants. Just make sure to get 2 bottles so you can keep the cooking coconut oil and sexy coconut oil separate.


Coconut Oil Buying Guide

So we can use precious coconut oil for cooking, staying healthy, looking younger and for sex.  Now what type of coconut oil should you buy? We recommend organic, virgin & unrefined coconut oil in a glass jar.  If you are going to use it on your skin then definitely get virgin coconut oil. Also be sure to get virgin coconut oil in a glass bottle! Plastic leaches into what it holds and you do not want your precious and healthy coconut oil absorbing all those toxic chemicals from the plastic container. Grab the unrefined since the extraction process does not require bleaching or additives. We want our coco oil as pure as possible.

My favorite is Spectrum which is expeller pressed, unrefined, organic virgin coconut oil, exactly what you want to look for. Amazon will graciously deliver it to you, but it is also available at grocery stores and health store.

The Hedonist in Chief swears by the Nutiva brand, which is a tad more expensive at $16, but super popular among health nuts, because the Nutiva is altruistic and it comes in a glass jar. It has a light coconut oil taste and no hexane is used in its production.

Whichever you decide to buy enjoy the benefits of coconut oil that you shall reap.

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