The Beautiful People of Electric Forest 2017

The Beautiful People of Electric Forest 2017

Electric Forest is, without a doubt, one of the most unique festival experiences of them all. There is no other place that so seamlessly brings together music, arts, community, and positivity. Although the Insomniac event continually brings the best artists up to Rothbury, Michigan for the 4-day (now technically 8-day) event, Electric Forest has so much more to offer than great music. From the wonderful people this festival attracts, to the hidden mysteries waiting to be found among the trees, it is nearly impossible to not have an amazing time over the weekend. With the expansion into 2 weekends, Electric Forest 2017 is going down as one of the best festivals I could’ve ever dreamed of. Here are just a few awesome pictures that encapsulate what this festival is all about.


Gypsy Queens of the Forest

These ladies are one of many groups of characters that wander the forest to amuse and amaze.


Electric Forest is out of this world! Literally?

Uh oh! Looks like someone crash landed in Sherwood Forest, they seem to be fitting in quite well regardless.


Is there an interstellar meetup I missed??

Just a glimpse into the awesome costumes that people come up with.


I’m not crying, you’re crying!

A lovely moment captured here of a wedding ceremony, congrats to these newlyweds.


Show us your best dance moves!

A fellow forester getting down and dirty at the Silent Disco.


Help save the monarch butterflies!

A great shot from the butterfly release ceremony the first weekend.



More funny characters jumping out between the trees. I wonder what they’re hiding in their suitcases?


Enjoying the simple pleasures, bubbles everywhere!

If you look closely, you can find a little piece of beauty in even the most fleeting moments.


Not your ordinary tree stump..

Interactive art displays are everywhere, they’re just waiting for people to come and play!


“She would’ve left Electric Forest famous!”

One of the most touching art installments, this is a memorial to those who have passed.


Pin-up perfection!

The ladies of The Hangar are here to satisfy your candy cravings, and maybe even help you find the Captain’s Den!


Float like a butterfly…

Yoga with Hannah Muse is a must at least one day over the weekend.


Tickle time!!

The best way to get woken up from your midday nap!


Smiles all around!

Golden fairies sweep in to say hello to Foresters.


This is where I feel alive, too!

Forest goers always bring the best totems, whether they’re positively uplifting or downright hilarious.

Rail rider squad!!

Does it get any better than being up front and center with your favorite artist standing only 20 feet away from you?!

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All photos are courtesy of Electric Forest Photos and Tokin Jew Photography.

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