Beachcraft Brunch Buffet Bedazzles Miami

Beachcraft Brunch Buffet Bedazzles

By Priscilla Gonzales

After enduring a tough week of work, it’s that heavenly seventh day I get to recharge myself before entering a new week. So my perfect end to the week is by indulging into endless amounts of mouthwatering food at Beachcraft Miami Restaurant. This restaurant is located suitably in a beach style hotel, called 1 Hotel, which is steps away from the well-known South Beach shore. It resembles the hotel’s vision of using sustainable sources.  


As soon as you walk into the cozy lobby, your eyes are mesmerized by the warm colors of the décor and your nose is overwhelmed by the sensual aroma in the air. Take a quick stop over to the Lobby Farmstand and get a free taste of the freshest seasonal healthy snack from the local farms. I was lucky to have had rambutans and a sweet orange. Towards the end of the lobby I entered to the Beachcraft Restaurant and found the Holy grail to my tummy.


The smells of hot food roaming through the chic dining area from the open Kitchen can make any mouth salivate. The enthusiastic hostess is ready to seat guests upon arrival. To be safe, and to have an available table at this lovely establishment, I would reserve a table. A great area to sit is between the live Jazz band and the kitchen. The friendly Kitchen staff are ready to serve your taste buds with the brunch buffet menu of organic ingredients developed by Executive Chef, Tom Colicchio. You can’t go wrong with this talented American Chef who is a five-time James Beard award winner and author of three cookbooks.

Back to the food… for starters, take your pick of the charcuterie and cheeses which are beautifully laid out near the freshly baked croissants and custard filled Danish pastries. Allow your first bite to be a croissant spread with the house-churned butter and jam then sip a hot cup of Aneri wood roasted drip coffee. Or try the delicious smoked salmon with capers it had me go for another serving.



Right in front of the open kitchen’s countertop, you have your picks of hot meals from the egg station to the smoked meats: made to order omelet, Belgian waffles with various toppings of seasonal fruits, sweet chicken apple sausages and salty hickory smoked bacon, roasted red potatoes with rosemary, Texas style smoked brisket, and Berkshire pulled pork shoulder, smoked organic whole chicken and Miami whole cobia. The moist chicken and tender brisket are cooked perfectly. To add more flavor to the meats, complement it with the delicious in-house made barbeque sauce: White Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina mustard, Kansas City guava, Asian Sesame, and Pops’s porter. Believe me it will be difficult to just pick one or two savory sauces so mixing them all together wouldn’t be a bad idea like I did. I even dipped my second serving of smoked salmon in the White Alabama sauce.


Remember to add your veggies, like the seasoned roasted potatoes with hints of rosemary and Cajun grilled sweet corn on the cob with creamy cheese, to every plate. Next food group on your plate should be a serving of the Four cheeses loaded mac and cheese and cheesy corn grits. How to make this Bunch experience even more blissful…. by adding bottomless glasses of Homestead Mimosas from Floridian oranges and Heirloom Marys for an additional cost. For a stronger drink, I would recommend a cocktail made with handpicked herbs from the restaurant’s patio herb garden. I wish I had more tummy room for the raw bar of oysters and shrimps.


beachcraft miami

Of course, I saved my last bites for Beachcraft desserts and there is always plenty space of tarty sweet berry cobbler and warm maple bacon sticky buns. How can I say no to more bacon? Saddest part of this heavenly dining is saying goodbye to my attentive waiter after I indulged into my tasty food fantasy. Beachcraft was a brunch delight that I will be coming back to. 

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