Bangkok Tours – Buffalo Tours Bangrak Foodie & Culture Tour

Bangkok Tours – Buffalo Tours Bangrak Foodie & Culture Tour

I try to do a walking tour in every city I travel to. It really heightens your appreciation of the place you are visiting. When you combine that with a food tour then I jump on it on Day 1 of my trip.

I was researching Bangkok Tours and I found the very professionally run Buffalo Tours which offers a plethora of attractive food, cultural and hybrid tours. They are all over SouthEast Asia. They recommended the Bangrak Tour, one of their Bangkok Tours and I of course obliged.

Since I can tell you if the food is awesome, but not if it is the city’s best or represents the city well, I decided to bring a local with me. I found the lovely Thai actress Pupe on couchsurfing and we put the tour to the test.  Check out our video review of one of the delightful Bangkok Tours:

Click Here for  Bangkok Restaurant Review that will make your soul Smile Wide.


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