Bad And Boujee Outfits – Summer To Fall Fashion From TOBI

Bad And Boujee Outfits – Summer To Fall Fashion From TOBI

By Jessica Lewandowski

Does your closet lack that B&B look? Bad and boujee can be achieved on a budget, thanks to TOBI! TOBI almost always has a big sale going on their website. There’s a big Labor Day sale coming too, but more on that later.

I sifted through the TOBI shops and picked out the best bad and boujee looks that fit the budget lifestyle. Every piece I’ve chosen here can transition from summer to autumn flawlessly. This way, you can keep your tan going strong while still emitting your witchy vibes.

bad and boujee dress

First up is the Wilhelmina Maxi Dress! It comes in black, white, or taupe. I love the fabric used in this dress – it’s so buttery soft! Since wedding season is still hanging around, a long sleeved maxi is the way to go. Those cut outs in the waist definitely make me feel bad and boujee.

bad and boujee shoes

Every maxi dress needs a comfortable pair of shoes that add a little height. Especially since I’m only 5’3”, I need a pair that keeps the edges of my dress off the ground that support my semi-flat feet. The Irene Suede Peep Toe Heels achieve just that! Plus, once the sun sets, the tops of my feet will stay warm!

bad and boujee bodysuit

Next up is the Kenzie Black Off Shoulder Lace Up Body Suit. Oh, the name alone exudes “bad and boujee”! The ribbed fabric covers my arms, but the top shows off my still-bronzed shoulders. In basic black, I can pair this body suit with literally any bottoms. Talk about a budget buy!

bad and boujee jacket

When my shoulders are getting chilly, I can throw on my Kayliegh Black Moto Jacket. It’s perfect for cool summer nights. When the air gets chilly, come autumn, I can toss the hood over my head. I personally don’t mind if passerbys on the street think I look like I’m about to cast a spell. This jacket also comes in Camel tan, if you want to light the “bad” to your boujee.

bad and boujee chokers

What are all these outfits missing? Some bad and boujee chokers to bring them all together. The Alessia Black and Gold Choker set does just that. Wear all three chokers separately, or wear them individually for subtle sex appeal.

If you want to hit up that big Labor Day sale I mentioned before, TOBI is hosting it on September 3rd. You can catch deals for as much as 80% off on select items, so mark your calendars!

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