Art Basel Party: Art With Purpose to Benefit Puerto Rico

Art Basel Party: Art With Purpose to Benefit Puerto Rico

Art Basel 2017 was a success! Marc Thaler launched his Art With Purpose party live at Katsuya. Proceeds from the event benefited the Puerto Rico disaster relief fund.

Art With Purpose

The Man

Marc Thaler, at the age of 23, began Art With Purpose in August 2017. From Los Angeles, Marc attended school at the University of Miami until he moved home back home upon learning the breast cancer diagnosis of his mother.  He stuck close to her throughout her treatment and due to this, he understood the severity of this life-altering disease. Living in LA, a city filled with culture and creativity, Marc used his love for fashion and his knowledge of his peer’s interests educating them about the realities of breast cancer. He had one simple goal, change the way millennials view charity and giving back.

Art Basel Party

His Brand

  Marc’s clothing is meant to be conversational. It is meant to showcase what Art With Purpose stands for. A street-wear inspired clothing with the purpose to, “inspire, capture and challenge the millennial generation to come together and become a part of something bigger than themselves” noted the website. It allowed people to open up about breast cancer and feel connected to a community with the same mindset. The Art on his clothing is inspired with words like, fighter, passion, love, and freedom.


Art Basel Party Art Basel Party Art Basel Party

His Party

Marc is back in Miami at the Art Basel Party, and collaborating with Katsuya, a Japanese restaurant, to host Art With Purpose. Originally the proceeds from the clothing fund the breast cancer research. Yet, Marc has placed that on hold in order for the money to be put towards Puerto Rico. The event featured Marc’s clothing, hoodies, backpacks, t-shirts and many of Katsuya’s unique art.

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