Ancho Reyes Verde: Your New Favorite Spirit is Here

Ancho Reyes Verde: Your New Favorite Spirit is Here

Coming from a Middle Eastern background, spices and strong flavors are everything I hope for in my meals and drinks. When hearing about the Ancho Reyes chile liqueur and their new Ancho Reyes Verde addition, my senses heightened. It’s truly Spicy, Bright, Fresh, and Crisp!

Ancho Reyes Verde

Ancho Reyes Verde

Ancho Reyes is a new line of liqueur made specially from the chilies of Puebla, Mexico with a unique flavor to die for. Concocted only four years ago, part owner, Roberto Hidalgo was able to share its detailed creation with me. The Ancho Reyes ambassadors were specifically promoting their newest spirit, Ancho Reyes Verde at Sweet Liberty Miami Beach for a light brunch pairing with cocktails made specifically with Ancho Reyes Verde. When speaking with Roberto, he was able to share the vast history Ancho Reyes came from. The recipe was actually an old Mexican formula from the Reyes family in the 1920’s, which had been lost for over 90 years. The brand serves as a tribute to them as well as the equal popularity these chili liqueurs have always had in traditional Mexico, and now we know why!

Just after their first year of conception, Ancho Reyes was nominated Best New Product by Tales of the Cocktail in 2014 and today, the Verde addition seems like it will be an even bigger hit. The difference between the two is that one comes from the raw Pablano pepper (green), while the other is made from the sun-dried Pablano (red). So now, it was time to try these cocktails!

In Pink –

We started off with this light but spicy mix of grapefruit juice, lime juice, agave nectar, and club soda along with the Verde liqueur. This was the perfect refreshing start to a hot and sunny Sunday with just a light kick to wake you up and keep you wanting more. Watch out Bloody Mary because I’ve found my new brunch beverage!

The Rey de Reyes –

Equally as tasty but completely different. It had more of a savory taste mixed with the Ancho Reyes Original spirit as well, which gives it that reddish, orange color. The cocktail is mixed with lime juice, simple syrup, and bitters. The tangy flavor paired excellently with our freshly served Mushroom Breakfast Taco from Sweet Liberty’s brunch menu (I could’ve eaten five of these and not regretted one bite). With a little a food in our tummies, I was ready for the next one.

Ancho Reyes Verde

The Rey de Reyes and Mushroom Breakfast Taco

Green Velvet –

This cocktail was truly one of a kind. Made with pineapple juice for the light sweet touch and the punch of Hendricks Gin with the Reyes regular; lime juice and simple syrup – it was absolutely delectable, served over a mound of crushed ice and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper on top. Very Green and very velvet.

Ancho Reyes Verde

Quite Green and Very Velvet

El Bandido –

This cocktail, which if you’re not familiar with Spanish, means The Bandit and definitely stole my taste buds. Served with Montelobos Mezcal, lime juice, simple syrup, artisan avocado salt, and topped with a center slice of a Pablano pepper for a beautiful presentation, I couldn’t help but have two.

Ancho Reyes Verde

Watch Out for El Bandido!

I’m Kind of a Big Dill –

This cóctel final was fixed with the Verde liqueur, Flor de Cana 4 yr Rum, lime juice, honey, salt, pepper, and egg whites, topped with a garnish of dill. The ideal ending to a sequence of delightful drinks.

Ancho Reyes Verde

I’m Kind of a Big Dill IS a Big Deal

It was amazing how versatile this spirit was. I was hoping to pick a favorite cocktail but truthfully, each and every one was something I would drink anytime. Find Ancho Reyes Original and Ancho Reyes Verde at select Total Wine stores, as well as at the Sweet Liberty Miami Beach bar, DOA Miami Beach, Employees Only, the Edition Hotel, and Matador Bar to name a few. This has officially become my go to drink. It would be a mistake not to try it!

Check out more details on the Ancho Reyes website and be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates.

Happy drinking!

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