Adventure Vault’s Death and Breakfast May Be Your Next Date Idea

Adventure Vault’s Death and Breakfast May Be Your Next Date Idea

“You guys don’t mind being handcuffed, do you?” Thus started me and my coworkers’ journey with Adventure Vault’s Death and Breakfast. This cheeky little question started a fit of brief giggles as we all walked into the room.

Adventure Vault Death and Breakfast

Here’s the scenario: a group of you and your friends are on a road trip. After noticing a thunderstorm, you decide to spend the night at a close bed and breakfast. Upon waking up, you realize that you are in a dungeon instead of your room. However, your host is a cannibal and you must escape within an hour before getting eaten.

As it turns out, we all became meals by going over the time by two minutes. The room is the easiest one available, so you can imagine how we felt about our defeat. Of course, we still laughed it off.

Because the minimum for each room is two people, Adventure Vault is a fun, ideal date. It’s a far more exciting alternative than the standard dinner with a movie, and, better yet, you can find out how your date works under pressure. The escape rooms are also a great indoor activity on a rainy gloomy day.

The other two rooms include Prison Redemption, where players are framed for numerous bank robberies and Mystery of Sherlock, a hunt for the famous detective.

A walkie talkie is placed in the room in all three rooms for participants to ask for additional hints. Although some clues have no repercussions, some may come at a cost: 5 minutes are added to the end time for each hint requested. Participants must also place their phones in lockers prior to the activity.

The recommend number of players is dependent on the room and can be 2-6 or 2-8.

More participants can be accommodated as need be. Admission is $28 per person and those that book the entire room receive an automatic 20% discount.

Adventure Vault is located at 3350 NW 2nd Ave, Suite A4 Boca Raton FL, 33431. Call (561) 922-3881 or visit

For more about Adventure Vault, click here.

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