Music, Art, and Nugs of Knowledge at 420 On the Block

Breaking down the nugs of dankness that was 420 On the Block 2018

Where were you on the holiday to surpass all holidaze? 420 is a coveted day in the smokers community – and with increased legalization spreading across the nation, 420 has become an ultimate day for live music, weedy vendors, and of course – all the munchies you can handle. Especially in mile High city.

Living in Denver allows us the privilege to not only freely celebrate the “Stoners Holiday” – only in legal and appropriate settings of course – but it also gives us TONS of festivals and events to choose from. Our choice? 420 on the block.

420 on the block went above and beyond the lazy stoner trope and planned three days packed with music, food, informative talks based around the industry and art. This years theme was based off the “Mike High Club.” Organizers and models wandered in captains hats and stewardess garb, really going full smoke-circle. The best part had to be the art installations. Artists were working live and graffiti artists worked their magic. Some were weilding wood buring tools and others were intracatly skething details into a psychadelic scene that could only belong at a 420 festival. If anyone was lighting up a joint or two on-site, the smell was definitely covered by the smell of spray paint as the artists did their thing. The results were spectacular.

The food was slightly lack-luster in my opinion. Though the grounds were smaller, there was defiintly enough room in the vendor area for another truck or two. All-together there were about 5 food vendors around the park with limited menus. For a “stoner festival” you’d expect the fest to be packed to the gills with munchy options. Although there weren’t many options, the places we did visit were delicious, so beyond simply being a fat kid – I don’t have many complaints.

As for the music, each day held an amazing set of musicians that brought a little something special and unique to the table. Check out our interviews with Chris Karns, Orka Odyssey, and Tnertle, to get a little taste of what was brought to the festival stages.

Now, it wouldn’t be a 420 Festival with a little bit of weed-talk. The 420 Bazaar was jam-packed with vendors from the industry armed with information and carnival games. While you did your best to “sink the nug” you were also learning about the ins and outs of the wonderful world of dabbing. The event also hosted several talks throughout the weekend – spanning from legalization, to what exactly “terps” are. It was great to see an event like this, celebating 420 and smoking and having a great time – also tie in the method to the madness – to remind us all what we are really celebrating here.

Overall it was a great weekend to spend learning, smoking, and celebrating 420. Dispite the rain and the cold, there was great music, the munchy food was prime, and the message was clear: We’re all here for some 420 fun. So, if you find yourself visiting Denver next 420 – I’d suggest grabbing a ticket.

Looking for an inside look to Chris Karn’s sound? Check out our interview with him with our new feature – The Sesh

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