210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge – Grooves and Grub

210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge – Grooves and Grub

By Josephine Layug

210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge is tucked in the northern Chicago suburb of Highwood, IL. Easily accessible via public trans and just off the highway, it is a great place to visit. This fun bar-lounge setting is a great place to take the family, meet up with friends and will make for a great date night venue. With 10-15 spaced out tables and pods of lounge seating, this is a place to enjoy some live music and each others company without feeling cramped. The retro statues and decor provide and quirky and unique vibe that make for a very charming and special atmosphere.

210 Restaurant and Music Lounge

As a music lover, I was very happy to see some live music, Jazz resonated throughout the lounge. The menu at 210 Restaurant changes daily based on the Chef Jeff’s flavor cravings and mimics the music bill for the night.  Set One is the Appetizer, Set Two, the Salads, Main Act is the Daily Entrée, With Accompaniments being the sides and of course the Desert being the Finale. Anybody who loves live music and good food would be very satisfied to come here as it is a great experience.

Our First Set (Appetizers) was the Thai Hot and Sour Soup which had strong Miso flavors and the French Onion Soup which was rich and bold in deep beefy onion rich flavor. Hawaiian Tuna Poke was so fresh and delicious and was the crowd favorite of the appetizers. During this course, we also munched on some great Shrimp Croquette, and Eggplant Parmesan

210 Restaurant and Music Lounge Beet Salad

For our Second Set (The Salad) we had the Roasted Local Beets with Arugula, Buttermilk Blue Cheese, and Pistachios. This was a complex combination of ingredients showcasing the earthiness of the beets and nutty flavors of the pistachios cut with the delicious funk of the blue cheese mixed with arugula for bulk. Our Main Acts (Entrees) were Curried Kilgus Farm Goat with Jasmine Rice and Ribs with Mac and Cheese. We loved the Ribs and Mac and Cheese. The ribs were dry rubbed and were awesome. I didn’t even need to ask for BBQ sauce; that’s how tender and juicy they were!

210 Restaurant and Music Lounge Mac and Cheese

The Finale (Dessert) was a Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Ice Cream and an Apple Crumble served with Vanilla Ice Cream. The 210 Restaurant Apple Crumble was pure bliss on a plate. It took all my energy and strength to prevent me from licking my plate in front of the group of bloggers nearby. Unfortunately, I wasn’t with my family or I would have shamelessly polished that plate with my tongue.

210 Restaurant and Music Lounge French Fries

Head on over to 210 Restaurant for family night, girls night, guys night, or date night for good food and live music. You can see the show schedule here and pick a night that is right for you.  If nothing on the menu looks appealing to you,  chef is willing to make anything to order that will speak to your taste buds. Check out to the basement: they have ping-pong tables which is always a good time.

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